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oShow printable version of 'Drilling Commenced on Ace Project' in a New WindowTue Nov 17, 1998
Drilling Commenced on Ace Project

 Barker Minerals is pleased to announce that an initial core drilling program has commenced on its 100%-held Ace project located in east-central British Columbia. This drill program should be completed this month with results available after all drilling is completed and all assay results have been verified. The Ace project is an extensive gold-bearing, volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) system.

The following is a general summary of the process which will occur next. After the core is obtained from the drilling, each mineralized portion will be cut lengthwise with a rock saw at the Company's field office in Likely. Each portion to be assayed will be placed in a bag and the non-assayed side of the core will be kept for further assay or metallurgical testing. The bagged sample, which will usually represent either a one or two metre length, will then be delivered to an assay lab. To obtain the best price, or least cost per sample, it is typical for all samples to be processed at the same time. Once the lab receives all samples, the assay work will be completed and results reported back to Barker Minerals.

The Company will then combine the assay information with the previous geophysical and geophysical surveys, the detailed geological mapping in the area of the drilling and the geological descriptions of the actual core. Once all information is combined, the Company will be able to fully evaluate this initial drill program and be able to report the assay results and what they represent.

If you need any additional information, please contact either Louis Doyle, President, at or Jim Kasten, Investor Relations, at

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